Mechanical chime with ring 2


Just moved in to a newly renovated house.

Hardwired the ring 2 to a transformer that works great and connected seamlessly to my wifi system.

Now i need to connect a simple mechanical chime and got stuck.

I have the mechanical chime itself but the doorbell has 2 wires that connect to the transformer and that’s it.

How do i connect it to my ring 2 so that it activates a simple ding dong mechanical ring when pressed?

Thank you for your help!


Hi @Meit. You will need to make sure that your Chime Kit is compatible, if once you’ve verified if it’s compatible, you can learn how to set it up in this video here! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve looked through several videos and diagrams but they all have an existing chime.

Mine is a new mechanical chime and the ring doorbell 2 is already hooked up with 2 wires to a stepdown transformer. There are no other wires.

So, i’m not sure if i maybe i need a pro kit, just 2 additional wires from the chime to different ports in the transformer or maybe both?

@Meit Normally for most mechanical chime kits, there is a connection from the chime kit to the transformer, and then there are two wires that go from the mechanical chime kit to the Ring Video Doorbell 2. This will mean that you need 4 wires in total, and would be putting the chime kit in the middle. Since all chime kits are different, as well as transformers, I recommend to get in contact with a local electrician to see if they can assist you with setting this up!

Please note that you will not need the Pro Power Kit, as this is something that is only needed for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Once you are in contact with an electrician, you can have them reference our Help Article that explains the setup of the Doorbell to the chime kit, and they should be able to help figure out how the connection from the chime kit to the transformer is! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply (:

One more question - the ring only has 2 connections in the back and wires currently run from both connecting to the transformer.

So, where would the 2 wires i run from the chime go?

Electricians are kind of at a loss in my country…They’re very willing but clueless regarding smart ring doorbells…one of them did hook it up and it seems to be working but i’m not sure he did it correctly and he didn’t know how to connect the chime. Attached pictures if it helps. The transformer is BT8-8.

Thanks again for your help,


@Meit Since the wires can connect to different areas of the chime itself and the transformer, please note that my recommendations may not be super spot on, as a warning. :wink: From my experience with the Doorbell connection to the internal chime kit and then the internal chime kit to the transformer, there will be two wires normally coming from the chime kit, that connect to the back of the Doorbell. The wires that are connected to the Doorbell from the internal chime kit will be located on the sections labeled on the chime kit “front” and “trans.”

Therefore, the internal chime kit is like the middle ground. With wires going from the chime kit to the transformer, that connection is good. Then, you will have the two wires from the chime kit to the back of the Doorbell. On the back of the Doorbell, the two screws will come out slightly, you connect the wires to the back of the screws, and screw it back to secure it! For reference, the setup should look something like this picture (ignore the second internal “doorbell”/chime kit):

In all, you will want the three making a connection that seems to form a loop. Hope this helps provide a bit more guidance, and my apologizes if I can’t be of much more! Sorry to hear about electricians… hopefully they come around to the times soon!

P.S. Love that nail color! :smiley_cat:

Hi Chelsea,

I’ll try the hook up according to the diagram.

Thought it might be different with only one chime.

I’ll see if connecting one wire from the doorbell to the chime will do the trick.

And i’ll pass along the manicure compliment (-;

Thanks again!


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Hi: when the Ring is connected to a transformer for the purpose of powering a mechanical door chime, will the transformer still recharge the Ring’s battery? Or is it a case of either the transformer is acting as a supply to the Ring’s battery charger OR it is activating a mechanical chime, but not both?