Mechanical chime does not chime

Just installed ring video doorbell with hardwire and utilitech mechanical door chime. Chime does not sound. If I remove the doorbell and short the terminals on the Ring video doorbell base the chime does sound. I have a standard 16 vac bell transformer. And no diode. What’s wrong?

Hi @Philtyler! The best next step is checking the transformer power output, wire gauge (not too thin), and type of chime kit. It’s always good to start by ensuring the chime kit you are using is on our Chime Compatibility list.

If your transformer is 8 to 24 VAC, the wiring is not too thing or corroded, and the chime is compatible, your Video Doorbell should certainly be operating this upon button press. Although and 8 to 24 VAC transformer is sufficient, the age of the transformer as well as the rating or power requirements for the chime kit in use are also worth considering. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: