Mechancial chime not working with Amazon

My mechanical chime does not work when our Echo Show 5 is linked to the Doorbell Pro. As soon as I disable or unplug the Echo, the mechanical chime DOES work. Is there a fix for this?

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I have the exact problem with Echo Show 5 and Doorbell Pro. My home mechanical chime works fine when Echo Show 5 is unplugged or disabled, but the chime stops dinging when Echo Show 5 is on and linked Doorbell Pro.

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Same problem installed today. Ring Pro and Echo Show 5. With Ring skill enabled and doorbell pressed, the mechanical doorbell doesn’t work (but is selected in the Ring app), but the Show announces that the doorbell was pressed. Disabling the skill reruns the mechanical doorbell to proper working condition (although there’s a 2-3 second delay from ringing after pushed). What’s up with that?

I was having the same problem, and was lucky enough to get in contact with Kieth at Ring. He suggested that I try not having my Ring doorbell connected to Alexa. So, I went into Alexa and had her “forget” the Ring doorbell. Bingo, instant success.

There is apparently something about Amazon Alexa that disables the doorbell ring in the Ring system. That is probably a problem that the Alexa folks will need to fix.

Of course, you still need to have Ring set up correctly, as Tom_Ring suggests. But that will not fix the problem if you have your Ring system attached to Alexa.

Kieth at Ring was not sure whether everyone with this configuration has this problem. Apparently I was the third person he had personally talked to about it. I shared with him all my serial numbers, so he could possibly identify whether this is a general problem, or specific to certain manufacturing codes. Keith was going to be sure the issue is communicated to the Alexa people,.

Hope this helps. It surely was a frustration for me. But now my doorbell is working just fine.

Any fixes on this issue to get the echo to work as I also have the same exact setup and issue. Echo 5 no mechanical chime remove ring bells from Alexa and everything works.

Same problem here. Removing ring from my Alexa skills was the only fix. My mechanical chime was buzzing, humming, not functioning correctly. Kind of sucks because it was nice having the alexa devices alert us when we were upstairs in the house.

Looking for a solution, too.

This seems to be the same problem flagged in this thread:

I have called Ring support, but they insist this has to be a power issue or an incompatible mechanical chime, even after I pointed them to that thread to show that other people are having the same problem.

It seems like their engineers and/or support team are not aware of this.

Try setting your doorbell chime type to none. Restart the app. Then turn it back to mechanical.

A support representative walked me through these steps and it worked for me.

I’ll try that, thanks!
Just to confirm, though… do you have it working with both the mechanical chime AND Alexa notifications?
I can get either one of them working, but not both.

Looks like I spoke too soon. It works last night but no longer does even after I tried the workaround again.

Seems I’ll need to call them back… Let me know if you have more luck.

I just connected my echo show 5 and now have this same issue.

Thank you for the continued feedback on this neighbors! I’ve shared your experiences with our teams here for further investigation. As mentioned by other neighbors in this thread, if you are having this concern, please start with disabling the Alexa skill to confirm if the chime kit will then work.

It is most important that normal wiring and chime operation factors are considered as well. Please reference our Hardwiring Checklist for the Doorbell Pro to confirm variables such as chime kit compatibility, power, and wiring are adequate.

After covering the above steps, if your chime kit and Alexa will not operate together, or as intended, the next best step will be to reach out to our support team for a closer look and to individually take notes on your examples for our teams. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Just to confirm, I did disable the Alexa skill and the mechanical chime resumed working. I will call support once I have time for a long phone call. The ring pro isn’t that old and was installed exactly as the directions describe and everything checked out and operated perfectly till I introduced the echo show 5.