Max Voltage

I have a Koch K93 UP. Unfortunately it is not officially supported by ring.
So i used the brand “Generic” with the type “6-Wire”.

There is a pin 5 with 28,4 V (measured) on the intercom which is shorted to 9 to open the door.
So i just hooked up A-1 to the pin 5 and A-5 to pin 9.
This works.
So basically ring intercom just acts as a relais.

But there is no statement about the voltage. What is the max voltage ring intercom can handle?

Hi @grevo5454, thank you for your question. Ring Intercom is able to handle 28,5 voltage. We investigated your issue with our engineering team, please connect the wires as follows: A-1 to 9 and A-5 to 5.

Could you please confirm the working of all Ring’s features? We look forward to hearing from you.