Match motion alerts background to system UI

Motion alerts on Android (at least on samsung) are set to the default background colour, instead of matching the color currently in use by the system.

This can be seen in two places, firstly they are not transparent on the lock screen (where I found out about this), however when they roll up into two notifications and the photo is hidden it defaults back to transparent (as seen below). This also affects users who change the default notification color as I did in one of the photos below. You can see the notification background should be a pink color, but ring uses the default white color instead.

I assume this is hard coded in the app with two values matching the default light / dark mode of the system. From testing it out it appears for these notifications ring defines a custom content view, which includes the background color, which overrides the transparent/different color from the system. Could this be changed to instead match what the system is currently set to (transparent, different color etc).