Manually choose quick replies when doorbell rings

Is it possible to have the quick replies without the quick reply message so you can communicate through the app to a caller using chosen responses in the system voice without the auto reply kicking in? Currently there seems to be no way to have one without the other.

From a developer point of view it would just require adding a response time of never to the response time dropdown.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Need this too! I don’t want automatic Quick Replies, only the manual ones in Live View, but it’s not currently possible.

Came here looking for this. I would also like the option to play the “quick replies” when in Live View but without them ever playing automatically. Typically I would use this when I’m working from home but unable to get to the door but don’t want to speak to the caller (e.g. if I’m in a meeting).

Just needs to either always have the quick replies available in Live View, or a way to set the delay to “never/manual” in the smart responses settings.