Manual light switch for floodlight or spotlight

I am interested in installing either the floodlight or the spotlight (hardwired). Currently in that spot there is a regular floodlight, operated by a regular indoor switch. It is not motion activated.

  1. Can the Ring light be turned on and off using a regular switch in addition to being motion activated? There are times we would like to have this light on to light our patio and don’t want it shutting off or timing out due to no motion.

  2. Can you set up times of the day and/or specific days (ie if we are out of town) when the camera notifications are active? We go in and out of that door regularly in the summer and getting constant alerts will be irritating. We really would only want camera alerts at night and when we are out of town.

Hey @HeidiGoLightly. Just wanted to make sure, but are you looking for suggestions based off the Floodlight Cam, or the Floodlight Wired and/or Battery? For the Spotlight, is it the Spotlight Cam, or the Spotlight from the Smart Lighting? I assumed it is the latter for both, so here is what I would say if it’s not the camera version for both!

For both the Floodlight Battery/Wired and the Spotlight, there is not way to hook them up to a switch to manually turn the device on or off. For the battery operated devices, they cannot be hooked up electrically to a switch or outlet. The Floodlight Wired is supposed to be hardwired, which it can be hook to a switch for, but turning the switch off kills all power to the device, not even allowing for motion to turn it on, and turning the switch on simply gives power to the device for the motion detection to turn on. There is a toggle within the app to turn the lights on, but they will automatically turn off after a certain amount of time (can set it to 30 seconds to 5 minutes in the app). You can also set a light schedule in the app, which is where you can schedule the lights to turn on and off in the app at certain days/times. This is great if you need the lights on overnight.

In addition, once the devices are set up, under Devices > Light Group you create > Settings > Motion Settings > Motion Schedule, from there you can set times throughout the week when motion alerts should be disabled. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for suggestions for wired (not battery) for both the floodlight and the spotlight I’m trying to understand if this can function as a regular light in addition to functioning as a motion activated light and camera. Controlling everything from my app is a non-starter as multiple people live in my house and I don’t think it is reasonable for them to all have to use an app to turn a light on. Plus we have occasions when we just want the light on, not timing out after a certain period of time. Is that possible? It sounds like from your answer that these cannot function as regular lights via a switch. Correct?