Managing Posts

I just started using the App &, after clicking on Neighbors, I saw what looked like a really long list of posts, including every lost cat or dog within 5 miles over the past several months! I understand there’s no way to delete posts. They can only be “Hidden”. From Support I’ve learned there’s also no way to mark multiple individual posts, then “Hide” all of those posts at once.

So I went through, post by post, reading each, then clicking on the “3 dots”, selecting “Hide Post”, then moving on to do the same to the next one.

Assuming the App cannot be modified to allow “marking” multiple posts to then all be “Hidden” at once by a single click, can it at least be modified to bring the “Hide Post” button out from behind those 3 dots and place it in the presently empty space next to the " Share" button (just under the Post itself)?

Doing only that would cut in half the number of clicks needed to " Hide" any post and would make it much faster to " Hide" a group of posts.