Manage Event is now unusable

Viewing events on one screen and managing events (deleting, etc.) on a different screen is entirely unusable, unless you simply want to delete all selected events. We previously could delete events directly from the screen from which they were being viewed. Could we PLEASE have that back again? Thanks.

Hey there, @RAHSOUTH! You’ll be happy to see this is still possible in the Ring app. There are a couple ways to manage events in the Ring app now, as you mentioned, and that is via the event history and Timeline. When viewing videos from the Ring app dashboard Timeline view, replaying a recorded event there will present you with a number of options. In the bottom corner will be a circle with dots, for “more options”, which will contain the delete option.

If you are viewing the Event History list, each event can be deleted individually, in a group, or by tapping the delete (trash can) icon towards the bottom when playing back the event video. Alternatively, you can also sign in at to manage your event recordings via web browser. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Your solution does not work on the web site, which is where I do my event management

Now → Manage Events is completely messed up. Have you ended support for the web site?

Hey @RAHSOUTH. What is the specific problem you are encountering? I can check to see if I have the same problem here on my end.