Man next door has been prancing about outside my house all day but is no longer recorded

I’ve noticed over the past few days that my ring doorbell 2 no longer records the threatening man next door. It used to. It still records me coming and going and the other neighbour pruning. It recorded his visitors passing the same point (directly in front of my garden) where he had spent a huge amount of time washing a car and a van. It didn’t record his daughter coming and going either. It records the postman passing the exact same location. How are he and his family able to prevent being recorded? I live in a good area but unfortunately I’ve already had to have this man interviewed at the police station. He’s the reason I have the camera! I checked whether the camera was able to pick him up with live view. Live view works for him but that’s it and that’s no good. Any ideas? I know that he likes to use a torch at night but it’s not picking him up in the day either. Help!

He parks his car directly in front of my house. He left the house not long ago but the camera didn’t detect him at all. I then tested the camera and it recorded me. He returned and yet again nothing was recorded.

Hi @CheesyWotsits. I would try to adjust your Motion Zones. This will ensure that when someone is in the zone, they are recorded. Also, try adjusting your Motion Frequency. This determines the dwell time between recordings. I hope this helps!