Make practice mode for monitored alarms permanently available

In the system I just replaced with Ring (Gen 2) I could flip it into a test mode which would still send alerts to the monitoring center but they would not despatch emergency services in test mode. I could then do a complete walk-through test triggering every device in my system and afterwards get confirmation from the monitoring center of which alerts they received and in which sequence. I could set the test period for as long as I needed if I wanted to run a lengthy or repeated sequence of tests.

With the Ring system, only being able to test in Self-monitoring mode is inadequate. If I have a monitored system I should be able to do periodic end to end tests at any time to check that alerts are still received at the monitoring center. Sure, practice mode gives me an initial 7 days to test this without triggering emergency service despatches, but if on day 8 the alerts stop getting through to the center for any reason then my security is less than expected (and less than paid for).

Currently (Gen 2 system) the only way to test end to end on a monitored system outside of the practice period is to trigger a real alarm and then wait for the monitoring center to call so you can let them know it was a false alarm. But I would really only want to do that for a single alarm event in order not to ‘spam’ the monitoring center with a sequence of false alarms from every device in my system. I’m sure the monitoring center would prefer that too.

Making practice mode a permanently available feature would enable owners to conduct periodic end to end walk-through tests of multiple devices and event triggers including testing that the alerts are actually received at the monitoring center. Restricting this capability after 7 days makes no sense,