Make motion zones have independent settings

It would be helpful if motion zones could be activated at different times of the day, separated from each other. For instance, if I park my car on the street, I only want notifications in that zone that surrounds my car from 10pm to 6am. But I still want motion in my other zones to remain 24/7. This would eliminate unwanted alerts in the street zone during daylight hours when my car is no longer parked there. Also, I used to have the ability to deactivate a zone, but now I have to delete it all-together if I want to eliminate those notifications. Where did that feature go?

Completely agree - would love to be able to deactivate some devices at certain times whilst leaving others active. For example I have a camera in my kitchen but don’t want it recording and notifying during the day, but do want my front doorbell cam recording 24/7.