Make Holiday Chimes Available Year Round

Holiday chimes should be available year-round in the app.

When you select a chime, the app “sends” the tone to the chime. The chimes are not stored on the device all the time, so there is no reason Ring (Amazon) can’t make the chimes available as a choice year-round versus making people download app updates to get the chimes and then taking them away when you feel it’s been enough time.

Ring (Amazon) has proven they don’t care about this feature by not making the tones readily available - there is no reason Halloween Chimes should not be available by October 1 at the latest (though they still use it as a selling point in the marketing materials and product information pages).

This is nothing but a poor design and an effort to control people and it’s bad business.

Add the chimes to the app and leave them there year-round so people can play whatever sound they want whenever they want - it’s not up to Ring (Amazon) to decide when someone should be allowed to play Christmas sounds, for example. It’s not a technical limitation (it takes more work to modify the app and push an update out to add and then remove the sounds than it would just let them be available year-round).