Make buttons in App smaller so we can see more of device images

When I open the Ring App on my mobile phone, I see the following…

  • a very large 3 button box showing Dusarm, Home and Away

Directly beneath tyhis box is another with a button in the middle and the words, Event History.

These two items take up over 2/5th of my mobile phone screen. Below this I have 5 device images, but can only see one!

I am aware the camera images can be reduced in sizebut even doing that I can only see 4 of the 5.

From your prospective I can understand you want the user to see your buttons, but from the customer/users prospective we purchased the item to be able to see them.

Could I ask your team to consider one of the following.

1 - make the buttons mentioned smaller, more like Microsoft eventually did, once a person knows what a button is for they no longer need to be large.

2 - another option would be to allow the use to reduce the buttons mentioned and keep the images large or small to suit there needs.

As a customer I want to see the images the system is designed to give me.

I do hope you can give this your consideration and include the changes in a future update.

Thank you


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Exactly! I want to see the cameras! Mode buttons are nice but they are way too big. And the Nearby Incidents and Event History could be smaller icons/buttons next to the Snooze All at the top.