Major flaw in Ring WiFi after internet outage! VERY concerned

So today we had a snowstorm, and our internet was out for about 14 hours. Was very excited that my internet came back this evening. I checked probably 15 of my networked devices, like desktops, phones, multiple streaming devices, etc. We are a family of five and probably have 24+ devices on the internet. I checked my wifi devices and everything came back…then I checked Ring. Base Station…check, chime check. However all 6 of my cameras and doorbells are offline. They are all battery powered, so unaffected by 8 hour power outage, batteries were all 30% to 80% yesterday. NONE came back online! I thought there’s something II need to do. Ive had one doorbell go offline 3 times in a year due to weak signal, and I had to unmount it, push the button and reconnect 3 times in a year. I get it, I need a booster, but it works fine 98% of the time. When I check the health on a camera this time, it wants me to out and push the button to resetup the Wi-Fi! Why doesn’t it just reconnect like my other 20 devices? I think I’ve missed something so I call ring. Nope, I must go out in 30 degree miserable weather and manually take down each device, with security screwdriver, and re-setup! Are they insane? One of my devices requires a ladder, two others are a bit difficult to get to. This is a SERIOUS flaw. I told them, what if we were out of town for 2-3 weeks and we had an internet outage after 2 days, we’d have zero coverage for weeks! This is crazy! Now seriously thinking of ditching and selling my close to $1000 of Ring products. Is there any solution to this I’m missing, or Ring support doesn’t know about. Basically crickets when I asked what to do about this!

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Agree major flaw. Having same issue. I get it going off line but the reset buttons should be placed in a more convenient place having to take the security screws out and take the doorbell off its mount to get it back on line is not worth the time a real design flaw if you ask me.

More than likely when someone’s system comes back online outdoor devices have issues getting re-connected because WiFi signals often have issues going through outside walls.
If you only have a single router that is located far away from your outside devices you might look into investing in a mesh system or access points that you can place closer to those devices.