Major flaw in Ring WiFi after internet outage! VERY concerned

So today we had a snowstorm, and our internet was out for about 14 hours. Was very excited that my internet came back this evening. I checked probably 15 of my networked devices, like desktops, phones, multiple streaming devices, etc. We are a family of five and probably have 24+ devices on the internet. I checked my wifi devices and everything came back…then I checked Ring. Base Station…check, chime check. However all 6 of my cameras and doorbells are offline. They are all battery powered, so unaffected by 8 hour power outage, batteries were all 30% to 80% yesterday. NONE came back online! I thought there’s something II need to do. Ive had one doorbell go offline 3 times in a year due to weak signal, and I had to unmount it, push the button and reconnect 3 times in a year. I get it, I need a booster, but it works fine 98% of the time. When I check the health on a camera this time, it wants me to out and push the button to resetup the Wi-Fi! Why doesn’t it just reconnect like my other 20 devices? I think I’ve missed something so I call ring. Nope, I must go out in 30 degree miserable weather and manually take down each device, with security screwdriver, and re-setup! Are they insane? One of my devices requires a ladder, two others are a bit difficult to get to. This is a SERIOUS flaw. I told them, what if we were out of town for 2-3 weeks and we had an internet outage after 2 days, we’d have zero coverage for weeks! This is crazy! Now seriously thinking of ditching and selling my close to $1000 of Ring products. Is there any solution to this I’m missing, or Ring support doesn’t know about. Basically crickets when I asked what to do about this!


Agree major flaw. Having same issue. I get it going off line but the reset buttons should be placed in a more convenient place having to take the security screws out and take the doorbell off its mount to get it back on line is not worth the time a real design flaw if you ask me.

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I’m now experiencing the similar issues after ATT experienced wifi connection issues and question whether PGE electrical shutdowns will lead to the same thing once fire season begins. Problem is I’m currently 200 miles away for the week! Ring said they tried to reboot in order to connect but I suspect that route was never a real option. Now looking for a system that includes a backup so resetting cameras isn’t necessary. I also agree with the weak signal being a problem as I need to constantly reset one camera. What good is a system that doesn’t lend total security both for the house and my state of mind!

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I didn’t realize this when I bought my ring setup. I had this happen when I was away for a month. The only way to solve it was to push the BUTTON! Absolutely ridiculous and defeats the purpose of security cameras if they cannot reconnect after an outage or whatever reason. It’s also not convenient when you have to get on a ladder to do this. I hope they resolve this.

Hi neighbors. If your Ring devices do not automatically reconnect to wifi after a power or wifi outage, it’s important to check the strength of the wifi connection. If your Ring device doesn’t have a stable or strong wifi connection, it may not be able to automatically reconnect to the wifi and you will need to put the device into setup mode by pressing the setup button on the device itself. You can read more about RSSI, which is a measure of the wifi connection your Ring device is receiving, in our Community post here.

Moving the router closer to your Ring device can help improve the connection. If you are unable to move the router, you can look into using a Ring Chime Pro as a wifi extender for your Ring devices. It can be placed at around a halfway point between the wifi router and your Ring Doorbell or Camera and may help improve the connection. If this concern persists and your Ring devices regularly do not reconnect to wifi, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I have the same issue. Internet signal is strong. This is a major flaw and a real pain in the butt. Your repeated replies blaming the signal strength is not helping the issue. Why don’t you just admit it is a major flaw? It happens every time my internet is interrupted and also happens to many people if you see the messages on this thread. The wired ring doorbell always reconnects and it is further away from the modem/router than some of the cameras.

Why i got the wired ones not the wireless 1 as then if away and needs charging still ok xxx