Mailbox Sensor's "Light Sensor"

On the Ring app the Mailbox Sensor has a screen for “Light Sensor” settings.

But I’m not sure where or what it is, or what it’s for.

I’m guessing it’s the little cloudy dome on the top. I thought it might light up at night, but it doesn’t even with the the setting disabled for “activating this light during the day”.

So I guess the dome is only a light sensor and not also a light? (Even though the setting screen refers to “this light”?)

So is the purpose of the light sensor actually for letting the Bridge know whether to activate other Ring lighting (to the activation of the Mailbox Sensor’s motion sensor)?

(FYI I don’t plan to get any Ring lighting; I plan to activate my existing smart lighting with an Alexa Routine.)

Great question, @coyote! I’ll be happy to clarify this further. The Mailbox Sensor is related to the Ring Smart Lighting product line. As you’ve observed, it is not a light, however it can be used to link to other Ring Smart Lighting devices if owned. Not only does the Smart Lighting Bridge help your Mailbox Sensor to communicate with your Ring app, but it allows for further integrations, if you choose to explore Smart Lighting or other compatible products in the future. The parts of the Mailbox Sensor that you are seeing are indeed the sensor, and not a light. As we are always looking to improve our neighbors’ experience, consider this feedback shared with our teams here. :slight_smile:

I can’t get it to tie into my Ring Chime Pros to notify me when mail arrives so it’s functionally useless at this point. It sees it as a light but doesn’t do anything but will trigger other lights or snapshots… Please advise how to get it to notify my Ring Chime Pros.

Hi @b656d62c8f79ce45f560. At this time, the Mailbox Sensor is unable to connect to the Chime or Chime Pro. I would suggest setting up an Alexa routine to notify you when the Mailbox Sensor detects anything. You can find out more about Alexa routines with this Help Center article here. I hope this helps!