Mailbox Sensor unit

I had Mailbox Sensor for 2 year without any problems with hardware and Apps… Now when the Ring Apps has been upgraded (the lastest one…) and I noticed said “Antenna Selected - Not Available” as my mind crossed is already connect external Antenna already since for 2 years no problems and still work, Why the apps said “Not Available” on Antenna Selected??

Anthony G.

Hi @AnthonyG. This error should not affect the performance of your Mailbox Sensor. I’ve passed this information along to my team and it should be corrected in a future update. Please keep in mind that all device or Ring app updates are always on a slow rollout, so you may not receive a particular update at the same time as another neighbor. Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear… I will keep eye on Future update on Android and iOS…

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