Mailbox sensor sounds in android Ring app

I used to be able to get an audible notification when the mailbox sensor was triggered. I think I had found notifications in the Android settings, called up the ring app, and found two entries for the mailbox sensor. One of them worked, the other didn’t. I said different sounds so I could know which one was working.

A while ago, that stopped happening. I get absolutely no audible notification when it is triggered. When I had asked ring about it before I found the way to do it, they told me it couldn’t be done. Well, maybe they made a change and made that happen. But I would really like that to work again. Has anybody been able to get this to happen ?

Hi @user28252. At this time, there’s no option in the Ring app to set an alert tone for the Mailbox Sensor. The notification settings available in your phone’s settings may vary, and would be dependent on your phone and operating software.