Mailbox Sensor short battery life

I just had to replace the batteries in my Mailbox Sensor after ten weeks. (In each case with brand new Duracells.)

I see that this time it says the (expiration 2030) batteries are at 27%

Every ten weeks is inconvenient, particularly since there’s no low-battery alert.

Oh, and I wonder if I could’ve changed them without removing the mounting tape?

I’m also wondering if the batteries showing this low brand new could be related to the Mailbox Sensor being 115’ away, and being slightly obstructed, from the Bridge. (I doubt that, I would think that the battery strength reading occurs and the Mailbox Sensor, and reaches the Bridge accurately as long as there’s a signal.)

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Good questions, @coyote! Usage, signal, and cold weather should certainly be considered for optimal battery life. Usage is easy to factor out, as this sensor should be inside of your mailbox and only triggering when accessed. Check out our help center article which lists the other reasons for battery drain, including cold temperatures.

I’m shooting in the dark, but wondering if the recent firmware update is causing increased battery drain. I am using new batteries each time, but had been seeing about 3 weeks before the battery notification popped up. Now since the update, this set of batteries lasted 1 week… please help…
Not a long distance…
Plastic mailbox, ~50ft. from the base

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I am using Energizer Lithium. Expensive. Don’t last. Especially for just a sensor. I have lots of Zwave sensors around the house that the lithium batteries last years. We need a little more technical help please. Also please ask product group to update firmware so the battery level can be seen by Alexa Routines.