Mailbox Sensor not Triggering Recordings on my Ring Doorbell Cam

I have just installed my Ring Mailbox Sensor, and linked it to my Ring Front Doorbell. When I did so, the “Record” camera icon came up, which I selected, and it now says “Record Event,” however, I have had many activities on my Mailbox (a mail delivery and many tests) which show up in the app and “Event History,” but none of them are recorded. The only Events in the History are “Motion Detected” and “Stopped detecting motion”.

I have attempted to put the Mailbox Sensor in a Group with some of my Ring Smart Lights as they show up as Linked Devices on my Ring Doorbell, but the Ring Mailbox Sensor does not, yet that has not fixed the problem. As the Ring Doorbell seems to recognize the Ring Lighting, and offers me the ability to link them, but doesn’t show the Mailbox Sensor, I looked to add it, but it isn’t listed, only Alarm, Security Cameras, and Locks and Accessories (which doesn’t include the Mailbox Sensor).

I also do not want to place it in a Group with one of my Smart Lights because they are on timers set to work during the evening, and I want the Mailbox Sensor to work 24/7. Surely I can’t be the only one this is happening to am I?

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I have two mailbox sensors at two locations. Both worked fine yesterday. Now, Both detect nothing. Health is good on both the bridge and the mailbox sensors. I’m stumped.

Hey neighbors! @GiveMeGlenn Do you have a Ring Bridge set up in your Ring App? You’ll need a Ring Bridge in order to pair the Mailbox Sensor with your other Ring devices to enable them to record when motion is detected. I would recommend removing the Mailbox Sensor from your Ring App completely and then setting it back up again to ensure it is registered properly with the Ring Bridge. Once that’s done, you should have the option under the Linked Devices feature to link it with your Doorbell or Camera so they can record when motion is detected.

@jhnnytn Have you manually tested the detection by opening your mailbox and seeing if the Ring App alerts you of this? Does anything appear in your Event History after doing so? If nothing shows up in your Event History, I would recommend removing the Mailbox Sensor and re-adding it in the Ring App. If the motion does show up in the Event History but you’re no longer receiving notifications, try uninstalling the Ring App, restarting your phone, and reinstalling the Ring App.

I do Beta Testing with Ring, so I’m a bit more advanced than some others who visit, and I did a thorough triage before reaching out, which I only did after working with some advanced staff who first diagnosed by Bridge wasn’t working correctly, and replaced it, and when it was replaced and I was finally able to connect the Mailbox Sensor to my Ring Network, and I began getting notifications, this is when it was discovered the videos were not working.

As this is a new product, I couldn’t get to the Development Team and no one had any experience with it, so I reached out here, just to see if anyone else was having the same issue, while I waited for a response back from the Ring Senior Support Manager. I had determined there was a software issue (my background is a Computer Telephony Subject Matter Expert) with the handshake between the Mailbox Sensor and the Ring Doorbell model that I had as I’m doing some Beta Testing). I continued to check my system as I got notices with my Mailbox Sensor and then on Friday, after a software update, the Camera on my Doorbell began recording with the motion on the Mailbox so everything is now fine.