Mailbox sensor not functional

I just installed a mail box sensor and bridge. Health is showing good for both the sensor and bridge. Batteries are showing 100%.

The problem is that no events are showing up in the mailbox sensor event log. It appears that device isn’t detecting any motion. The motion setting is set to max.

Just was on a very frustrating support call with a ring tech. I’m not sure he could spell mailbox sensor, let a lone troubleshoot one. The result of the call was that he didn’t have a clue and he would escalate to advanced support and I should get an email in 5-7 days. I find that totally unreasonable for support on a brand new product.

Has anyone else had similar issues and how did you resolve it.

I’m about ready just to return it to Amazon.

Hi @Rv10. If you bring the Mailbox Sensor closer to your Bridge, does it behave the same way? If you get notifications when the Mailbox Sensor is close to the Bridge, that will let you know if this is a distance or interference issue. How far is the Mailbox Sensor from the Bridge?

I am having exactly the same issue. I don’t get notifications even if the sensor is a foot away from the bridge. I have installed and uninstalled both the sensor and the bridge 3 times. I too am frustrated and disappointed. This is my 9th Ring device, and the first time it hasn’t been a plug n play experience. I am suspecting software/firmware issues. I would love to have it work, but I don’t want to be a beta tester.

I solved it! Once I named the motion sensor i.e., “Mailbox” as a group the Bridge recognized it. At that point the Notifications switch appeared in the settings. I tried it out by opening the mailbox, and it worked. I received a Notification on my phone. It would have been nice to have clear instructions with the Mailbox Motion sensor that explained this extra step.


Thank you so much for this post! This was exactly my prob and the group name fixed it immediately! So glad you shared and glad the ring community is available.


Thank you for sharing this experience with us, neighbors! For any other neighbors who are having this concern, please check the Sensor distance to the Bridge is not too far and check light settings, group settings, and renaming the device or groups as described above.

Please also ensure to leave the Ring app to your mobile device home screen, in order to see the push alerts come through. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: