Mailbox sensor no notifications IOS 😕

I have a brand new Mailbox Sensor with the Ring Bridge

But whatever I do
Reset and reinstall Ring bridge/Mailbox sensor 7times

  • followed all tips I could find on the web still I do not get any push notifications or sound

•The Bridge/Mailbox sensor is correct installed
•The signal is good

•The Mailbox sensor works and indicate movement in the Ring App, but no push notes or sound comes on my Iphone XR IOS 16.5

•I even subscribed Ring Protect Pro 10€ to see if I was needed to pay for get it to work, but ofcourse not :confused:

•All is activated ON , i start to belive this is a firmware issue, anyone that can help please? :roll_eyes::pray:t2:

Hi @GarySweden. I have responded to you in this post, where you shared the same concern.

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