Mailbox sensor location on back of mailbox?

I am so not tech savvy, so please forgive me if I didn’t post this correctly. I have a new mailbox, and just purchased a Ring mailbox sensor (and bridge). I think I have it all set up correctly, but now I need to attach the device to the mailbox. I really don’t want to put the big and bulky sensor on the door and have seen a couple videos where some users have added it to the back of the mail box. Is this Ok? I think the motion of opening the door will move the mailbox so can that be enough to send and alert? Any advice/I formation, greatly appreciated.

Hi there, @Mom2JoMoLa! The Mailbox sensor is designed and intended to be installed on the door of your mailbox. With that said, our devices are also designed to give neighbors options. Through trial and error experimentation, we’ve seen neighbors succeed in mounting this in other areas of the mailbox. Feel free to try it out and see what works best for you. Let us know what you accomplish! :slight_smile:

For some help in your endeavors, heres our installation help center article with tips and a video on installing the Mailbox Sensor.