Mailbox Sensor High Temperature False Alarms

The weather here in Cincinnati is in the 90’s the last few days and our mailbox sensor has been giving false alarms. I called a friend who also has a mailbox sensor and he’s had a few false alarms as well. Is this a problem that others are having?

Our mailbox is black and I would imagine the temperature is quite high and certainly much higher than the ambient temperature which has topped 95 or so over the last few days.

Hi there. I am in NYC area having same issue with high outdoor temps these days (black plastic mailbox) and several false alarms during later afternoon hours. Real feel temp here today 6-29 at 5:30 pm is 104. I thought it might be related to the sensor positioning on the swivel stand inside the mailbox so I spun it slightly and less false alerts than Sunday when it rang about hourly for 6 times. We receive Alerts via Alexa and echo devices and text msgs. But I recall seeing a “polling” setting somewhere too maybe that is involved or needs adjusting?

Hi neighbors! Thanks for sharing this with the Community. The operating conditions for the Mailbox Sensor are -4 to 122° F, so if the temperature inside the mailbox does get higher than this, it could cause the sensor not to work correctly. We also have our team looking into an alert concern with the Mailbox Sensor here, if this also is what you may be running into. :slight_smile: