Mailbox Sensor Distance to Ring Briddge

What is the range for the mailbox sensor to the bridge?
What is the range for the bridge to the network?

I am rural and have network access about 60 feet from my mailbox.

I think it should reach not sure of the range. But i tik the fact that you are rural will help

I am also in rural area with a driveway that is 100 yards long from my door to my mailbox Will the mailbox sensor work at that distance? I know it needs the Bridge.

Thinks to all that reply

Hi @ontherun. The Mailbox Sensor wirelessly connects to the Ring Bridge in order to send notifications via the Ring App. If you’re wanting to install this at a distance of 100 yards (300 feet) from the Ring Bridge, it is really unlikely that the Mailbox Sensor would be able to maintain a connection to the Ring Bridge across that great of a distance. You can find more information on the Mailbox Sensor in our Help Center Article here.

Thanks Caitlyn,
I already had decided that was to long a distance.

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