Mailbox Sensor Cord Broke After Only 5 Months

I purchased the Ring mailbox sensor in Oct 2023. It worked fine until today. I went down to see why it wasn’t connected and discovered the cord that connects the sensor to the receiver was snapped clean in half. What the?

I tried to get in touch with Customer Support but kept getting kicked off the phone menu waiting system.

Who do I contact about getting a replacement? Seriously ridiculous that it only lasted five months …

Hi @user78620. Sorry to hear that the cable on your Mailbox Sensor broke! You’ll want to get in touch with our support team for assistance with any physical damage to your Ring devices. You can reach out via one of the numbers available here.

I did try calling and kept getting kicked off the phone menu waiting system.

@user78620 Make sure you have a good phone signal and select the correct options from the phone menu. I checked in with my team, and there are currently no issues with the phone system.

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