Mailbox Sensor Battery and solar panel to charge it

When is Ring going to get with the times and offer a solar panel powered mailbox sensor?

So sick of changing the batteries every 3-4 weeks.

If there is one on the market, please let me know.

I second.

I’m in Atlanta, GA. In winter low goes below/around 32F fairly regularly, then set of new batteries dies within a month easily. Over Summer, battery lasts a bit longer, but still less than 3 months (because I’m sick of frequently change I’m taking a note, so these are fairly accurate observation of our experience).

I do like this mailbox sensor-trigger feature, it gives good peace of mind. That said AAA x 3 x 12 = AAA x 36 (depending on a deal you find, it’s easily beyond $20 at minimum) in a year is a bit costly operation.

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