Mailbox Sensor Antenna Cable

My mailbox is on a post outside the fence and more than 100ft from the house. It would be nice if there was an optional antenna wire extension, i.e. 20ft.

I need an extension for the external antenna. Why hasn’t ring replied to this? The whole purpose of the external sensor is to properly mount the antenna towards the bridge. You can’t have more than one bridge so only option is to properly mount antenna. So ring needs to do right by customer and give more length for external mailbox sensor and provide the abilitly for more than one bridge as I have an acre of property and weak signals because of such. Let’s go Ring! This is a pretty easy problem to solve

Need a bridge or mailbox range extender, 250’ would be great for many people in my area!

Ideally, there should be both an optional external antenna and bridge device that emit directional signals versus omnidirectional signals. Generally, a mailbox antenna is going to point towards the house and need not waste transmitting a signal in any other direction than towards the house. Likewise, the corresponding bridge device will be primary focused on communicating with the mailbox sensor. The bridge device might also have a directional antenna attachment.

Directional antenna devices on both sides would add greater distance for the same amount of power.

Sadly, we are about to move to a community where, by USPS declaration, no new mailboxes can be placed. Instead, residents must use mailbox stations in the neighborhood. As a result, I am going to repurpose my mailbox sensor and bridge.

RING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IDEA: Develop a product for mailbox stations that will transmit an appropriate signal to Ring users within range so they will know when mail has been delivered. While the USPS may not permit such a sensor on its side of the mailboxes, at least one homeowner (in cooperation with the HOA) might be able to place a sensor to the benefit of the community. If possible, imagine the benefit to the community if dedicated Ring repeater devices were placed throughout the community. Another idea would be to work out a deal with Amazon for interested homeowners with Alexa devices.