Maibox Sensor

I recently received the first round of public shipments of the mailbox sensor. I have a couple tips for folks:

  1. The mailbox sensor does NOT have to move. It does detect motion around it. I have a locked mailbox with a slot. I put the mailbox sensor on its back and it works when I open the mailbox door.

  2. The antenna - it has some trouble with range. I moved my Ring Smart Lighting Bridge next to a windor near my mailbox and this seems to have helped with a disconnect problem. I also mounted the flat part of my antenna under my mailbox horizontally. This is working, but not well; it works better vertically.

  3. The double-sided tape, antenna guides, and more were something that I thought did not come with my Mailbox Sensor. However, after pulling out all materials from the box, I found them hidden in the back.

I just thought others might have the same issues and questions I had and wanted to share.


Hi @hejish. Thanks for sharing! This is good information!! :smiley: