Mac Address Product Identification

My home network identifies my Ring Products by their MAC address codes. I can change the description to something more appropriate, such as Front Door Bell, or Rear Door Sensor in order to identify them . I have an Amplifiy Mesh with a main router and 3 further boosters. Some of the boosters are being overloaded, so I am looking to include Ring boosters to help to spread the traffic more efficiently.
My question is, do the products have a unique MAC address, and if so, is that on the product and easily accessed? If not is there a way of finding it on any paperwork I have been sent?
Finally, if that draws a blank, if I listed the codes(I have them on an excel spreadsheet) and forwarded them to you, coukd you identify which are cameras. Movement sensors, door sensors, movement sensors, glass sensors or alarm items?
I have about 100 ring products so it’s a problem for me to differentiate one from another.
I have Parkinson’s, so my house is all connected to Alexa, every light switch, radiator thermostat or UFH controller. I also have several echo devices and smart TV etc. probably close to 150 nodes on the WiFi.
Can anyone help please?

The MAC address is in Device Health for each device in the Ring app.

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