Low battery notifications

I find it surprising that there’s no feature to provide notifications when my batteries are running low. At present, I have to periodically monitor the status of my batteries in the app. Without this feature, I run the risk that my batteries die without me knowing and i’m left without a working security camera.


I don’t recall enabling this, but I do get push notifications and emails when my devices are running low.

Confirmed with Ring, presently there are no Push or Email notifications for First Alert Smoke/CO2 alarms for low battery. In shows in the app if you look up the device but you do not get an alert proactively.

I’m having the same issue. I actually installed 2 batteries in each camera and thought I’d get a notification when the first one was depleted, but unless I look in the app, click on the camera, and then look at the battery I wouldn’t know. Seems like battery status is something that should be in the dashboard!

I agree. I wish the camera would send a notification when each battery died, and not only when the remaining battery has low capacity. That way there would be ample time to recharge the depleted battery before the camera goes totally offline, especially in the winter months. I just periodically check the battery status of each camera in the app, but that’s kind of a hassle.