Loud sounds should trigger the alert - woud be a useful safety feature

It could save a life. My neighbor was shot and murdered, right next door at a house which is very close, within feet of the camera and of course since there is no sound trigger the camera did not record anything. I gave police recordings of cars coming and going but the actual sound would have been useful and unfortunately there is nothing there.

Please add this feature! What if someone breaks glass or there are shots fired - the camera should record above a certain decibel level and I’m sure this is possible.

A device might be able to wake up with a noise, but it isn’t going to be quick enough to record the same noise.
What you need is a camera that you have recording 24/7. I have Ring cameras to tie into the Alarm system, but I have a separate camera setup (not Ring) that records 24/7 (had it before Ring).
The likelihood Ring is going to add such a feature with available technology seems slim.

Not sure if the glass break detector would sense this? I couldn’t find anything conclusive about this from my search: Glass Break Sensor | Ring

While I am really sorry to hear about what happened, I don’t know of any alarm company that currently offers a gun shot detector as an alarm accessory. Sounds like a very fringe use case. With that said, I doubt it would cost very much to include this feature in an alarm product so maybe Ring could step up to the challenge and set an example in the industry.