Loud chimes

I am hard of hearing and I had hoped that if I bought a chime, I could hear the doorbell well but it is not loud enough and distinctive enough of a sound. Do Ring make chimes specifically for the hard of hearing? Also can you set your mobile to chime when someone rings the doorbell? It would be good if it was a distinctive ding-dong chime.

Hi @Kdjembe! You’ll be happy to know that there is a volume option for both your Chime and your app alerts. In your Ring app, open the Menu, select Devices, and then select your Chime device. From the Chime page in the Ring app, select Audio Settings and Chime Tones to access the volume control and a list of tones. There are some very loud options available.

Receiving sound notifications on your mobile device will, of course, depend on your mobile device settings and the Ring app. From the Video Doorbell page in your Ring app, select Device Settings, Alert Settings, and App Alert Tones to adjust the Ring app notification tone and volume. You mobile device should have it’s volume turned up, or silent mode disabled, in order to hear these. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Add-on chimes are simply not loud enough for hearing impaired. They are great when wearing hearing aids, but most people can not sleep with hearing aids in place. ALL adjustments are set to max, and notification tones have been selected for maximum audio effect. Unless you have hearing loss, you probably can’t understand this problem.