Lost screw. Impossible to get screw spec

I have a 1st generation ring doorbell, true it’s old and has been discontinued but it is and always has, worked fine. Now, after re-charging the batts, I’ve dropped one of the screws that holds the front cover in place. I feel as though I’ve journeyed around the entire words trying to find anybody from Ring who will tell me categorically, the exact replacement spec (sending one would be even better!). A T15 torx, I’m told but when I read deeper into ordering info, it seems that 2nd, 3rd gen doorbells have slightly shorter screws. Slightly shorter? Shorter than what? And which length do I need? There is just no further info. And to add to this, Ring are adamant that the correct screw must be used to avoid battery damage but ALL their replacement kits are permanently out of stock. Various Amazon reviews say some generic screws fit - but not quite. Is this stonewalling from Ring just a ploy to get me to buy a new doorbell for the sake of a tiny screw, an extra one of which, I feel sure could have been provided in the first place. I have been considering buying more Ring security devices but in the light of this tiresome, time-wasting search, with answers that only match the unspecific online stuff anyway, I’m having 2nd thoughts. Does anybody know if Ring 1st gen replacement screw requirements differs# from models that followed it? I would be soooooo grateful. I’m in the UK.

Hi @belle2018. You do not need to buy a new Ring Doorbell to replace a security screw. Most of our current Video Doorbell models utilize a T15 Torx for the security screw, which is what holds the faceplate on securely. However, older models shipped with a T6 Torx. We do not have a precise screw length documented. You could likely take the faceplate to your local hardware store for assistance with selecting an appropriate screw to fit the faceplate.

Is that your way of saying that my model, 1st generation, so guess it’s the oldest , actually needs a T6 Torx? This is the question I’ve been asking for days.
And as for a local hardware store - these are a rare as hen’s teeth here in the UK - I remember what they were like - lovely little shops with shelves of boxes to rummage through and a man behind the counter who knew everything about everything.
Now my local hardware store is a huge impersonal B&Q with plastic packets hanging on pegs and a customer service desk who can point towards them -maybe?

Have you tried a M2 or M3 threaded screw in there?

No, no yet, and I know that if & when I do, I will be embarking on a similar going round in circles journey around the shop whilst being unable to find an assistant with an inkling of what I’m looking for (“If we’ve got any, they’l be over there…”).
I’m still hanging onto the hope that Ring might actually be able to supply the correct proprietary screw which they say it is important to use, though I’m fast becoming exasperated by the fact that supplying such a simple thing is seemingly beyond them. Thank you for your suggestion though.

@belle2018 Yes, I would recommend trying a T6 Torx. I do not have specific dimensions for the screw, but the security screws are pretty short.

Hi …I got some on eBay UK …they are a little more protruding but a lot easier to remove and put back again

Thanks. I’m now awaiting an eBay order, which seems to be the only option as Ring are not able to provide the screws that they say are soooo important. Baffling isn’t it? :upside_down_face:

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