Lost my screwdriver!

I recently changed my router and now I need to setup my wifi on my Ring again. Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to do this from the app without being able to access the inside of the doorbell itself.

Is there something else I can use to get that screw off, or is there a way to get new tools mailed to me?

I believe I have the Video Doorbell 2, not too sure how to tell the difference.

Thank you for the help

Hi @Lbarcelo101! You can replace your screwdriver and other installation hardware with our Spare Parts packs available on our accessories page. These packs are specific to Doorbell model. If your setup button is on the front side of the Doorbell and it has a quick release removable battery, that is the Video Doorbell 2. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

No, the doorbell has 2 little screws on bottom that I cant remove as no screwdriver

it is battery operated and I need to get at it to reset it.

Any ideas?

As stated above. There are kits with the special screwdriver you can buy for around 2 dollars. Or you can try to call customer support.