Lost app

OK, phone burpped and I lost my app, its asking me to activate ALL devices, but my wife who is a registered user still shows all devices. How do I regain control as the owner?

Hey @joeish6968. Is your wife set up on the account as a shared user or a owner? You will need to make sure that if you are the owner of the account, that you log into this Ring account with the same email address and password you first had created. In addition, if you’ve logged into the correct account and were the owner originally, you may be on a duplicate location.

You can verify if the devices are on another location by going into the Main Menu > and above dashboard, select the Location. From there, you may see another location name pop up, which you can select and then go back into the Main Menu > Devices, and should see the devices there. :slight_smile:

My wife is set up as a user, I’m the owner

@joeish6968 If you’ve taken the steps I’ve described and cannot see your devices in the app, please reach out to our support team via phone here to get this sorted out for you!