Loss of video history when account incorrectly cancelled by Ring

I was directed here by the support agent.
I have two cameras on Ring Protect Basic, which renew in October. I purchased a third camera in Feb 2024, but did not complete the online journey to add it to the Ring Protect service. This I understand showed as a Void transaction in the Ring account, so they cancelled the subscription. The whole thing, not just the new camera. This was clearly an error from the Ring billing side: the support team have refunded the unused subscription on the other two cameras, and renewed the subscription from today. It was the only choice - restoring the service was not possible.

This has created two significant problems for me:-

  1. I had no choice but to accept an additional cost of extending my subscription to March 2025 (or pay extra for a monthly subscription).
  2. ALL my recorded videos have been deleted. Video storage is of course is the whole point of the subscription.
    So, the result is additional cost for a reduced service!

Hi @user78658. I apologize for any misunderstandings, but the Ring Community is a public forum. We can assist with general troubleshooting inquiries here. Account related concerns, such as questions about your Ring Protect plan or billing, must be handled with our support team.

The Ring Protect Basic plan only covers one Ring Doorbell or Camera, so any existing plans should not have been affected by adding a new device. Once videos have been deleted, they cannot be restored as there is no backup stored. Since we don’t have access to any account details here on the Community, I’d recommend following up with our support team for any further questions with your subscriptions.