Looping recording

I have a problem with some neighbors throwing garbage in my garden. With 3 wired cameras with ‘all motions’ detection active, none of the cameras detects it, even for big plastic bags :frowning: Very disappointing for such a big investment in 3 Ring cameras to be honest… I understand 24/7 recording for many days with high resolution seriously eats cloud storage (being an IT architect myself). Therefore I would propose to go to subscription and payment model for wired cameras where we customers have the option to enable circular recording for a certain amount of GBs (you pay as you use). With circular recording I mean that I can go back for 3-6-9 or 12 hours in time, according to my subscription, before the camera starts overwriting past hours outside the subscription timespan. This feature exists with many of your competitors, so that I was very very surprised not to have that option anymore with a market leader like Ring. For my problem case, it would do the trick. Now I’m forced to push the reconnect button every 10 minutes while working. Concerning my previous system, I was tired of having a zooming harddisk in my house with my previous old camera system which offered this option. But it seems like I need to reactivate my retired system in order to catch these as***@* neighbors throwing garbage. Actual camera security is larger than filming people in front of your door :wink:
Thanks for seriously considering this feature. It should be a win-win for you and your customers.

Kind regards.