Longer window of time to cancel smoke alarm

Our smoke alarm [listener] went off in the middle of the night (false alarm fortunately). I knew Ring would be calling the fire department so despite being half asleep with an alarm blaring I found my phone, opened up the Ring app and figured out how to disarm/cancel the alarm. It took maybe a minute. I got some cryptic message about trying to cancel the response but wasn’t sure what that meant. A few minutes later a fire truck pulls up. I spoke with them and told them false alarm. They called their dispatcher who verified that I canceled via the app, but they still got a call to send a truck out. Turns out clearing a smoke alarm (at least after 30 seconds) via the app is insufficient - Ring requires the primary contact to answer their call. I, like many people, have my phone on do not disturb while I sleep so didn’t see the call. I have since added Ring to my Favorites list (which will override the do not distuurb, but I’d like the following changes to the service:

  1. ability to disable alerts from a smoke alarm (ALL other devices can be individually disabled). I suspect the smoke alarm is faulty and will trip again and I’d prefer Ring not call the fire department (that will result in a $200-400 fine) until I replace it. Why would Ring not provide the ability to temporarily disable it?
  2. ability to cancel the response via the app outside the 30 second window. Is there a national ordinance requiring 30 seconds? I understand the urgency to call the fire department but it seems better to allow cancellation at any time (fire department may still fine me but if its only 45 seconds for example they may not have left the station yet). In my case it was likely somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute for me to clear the alarm.
  3. change the cryptic message about “trying to cancel the response” to “You must answer the call from Ring to cancel the response” or something similar.
    Because of these 3 issues I now must run my whole system in self monitoring mode until a new smoke alarm is installed.