Longer video recording when alarm activated

Hi there,

I was wondering if I could raise a feature request/suggestion please?
I’m in the UK with a Ring alarm and indoor camera/s, which work well together. The indoor camera has a maximum unanswered event recording length of 120 seconds which works well for when it’s set off accidentally by pets or when it records me getting home and de-activating the alarm during the entry delay.

However, I had my alarm actually go off when out of the house recently and nobody was able to answer the alert or phone call (ring protect in the UK doesn’t have full monitoring). Thankfully it was a false alarm, but I was surprised to see only 120 seconds of video recorded from the linked event to work out what happened. If I’d seen it and opened live view it would have recorded a lot longer (up to 10 mins I think?), so I was wondering if it’d be possible to have a longer recording time if the actual alarm itself is triggered? In this case it was a motion sensor that triggered the alarm so I think it went off straight away with no entry delay, but if it was a door sensor then it could record the max 120 seconds during the entry delay then keep going if not disarmed + alarm goes off.

If there was actually to be a break in and I was not able to look on live view at the time via the app, I’d need as much footage as possible for it to be helpful - much more than 2 minutes ideally. I appreciate you don’t want to be dealing with the server demands of long recordings for loads of random routine triggers, but can that be added for situations where the alarm is actually sounding?

Hope that makes sense. I wasn’t able to find a sufficiently close match in existing posts but apologies if I’ve missed an existing feature request.