Login to website issue

Every time I log in to this website I keep getting sent a Verification Code via email and this is starting to annoy me.

Why does this happen every time I log in to website.

I log in using same browser (FireFox) and my IP is always the same.

Please, Please, Please do something about having to enter a verification code every time I log in here.

Am using FireFox and my IP does not change yet email keeps telling me ‘using a new device or browser’ and it is really getting annoying.

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Totally agree, this is annoying to me as well. I don’t understand why the community site thinks I’m using a new browser each time and forces the 2FA.

We appreciate the feedback, neighbors! As we value both your security and privacy, any platform accessed by a Ring account will have a secure sign in process, as mentioned in this help center article. You might be interested to know that you are able to “remember login” on your browser for Ring.com, however, the Ring Community will require a login for each session. We will look into ways that we can improve this for the future so that we can unify among platforms, so thank you again for the feedback, neighbor! :slightly_smiling_face: