Local Video backup via plug and play device

I am ripping through data with the multiple cameras I have installed. It would be great to have all my video backed up on a local expandable hub that I can plug multiple hard drives into.
The concept is simple but has some features that would have to be built out.
#1 cameras back up on local hard drive via “Ring Local Stack” (conceptual name) (plugged into base station or directly into router, cameras sync over wifi so the cameras would have to communicate with the “Local stack” instead of the ring servers)
#2 video that is stored locally but still accessible to steam via app.
#3 compressed backups are still available via the cloud and can be restored if lost.
#4 compressed clips or still images are uploaded directly to ring cloud for real time app camera thumbnails.
#5 encrypted bulletproof security is a must on both local stack and via cloud. Videos can only be viewed using ring interface and decryption through ring servers when streaming from local stack. You don’t want someone to steal a jar drive and have access to unencrypted video or still images.

Value adds
Save $ on data usage with a more reliable service at lower cost.
The ring company should also see dramatically lower storage requirements and bandwidth requirements for customers that deploy this solution.
Customers that have low bandwidth internet service can deploy the “ Ring Local Stack” on their network. With the right coding, any device on that network, using the ring app can stream video directly to a device without having ping a server in the cloud. The local stack would handle all the data over the local network.
A great solution for enterprise customers with larger security needs.