Live view timeout

Please turn off the 10 minute timeout for live view. Live view should be able to be kept on continuously.

Totally agree. So many threads about this. Why limit the live view? It doesn’t make any sense. Almost every other surveillance camera in the market allows continuous live view.

Step up, Ring!

You can vote on this item. It has been a missing item for 4 years however. Your best course of action is to return your ring cameras and purchase a different camera. Ring will never fix this item.

I have waited for Ring to add (remove) the 10 minute time-out feature. My wife and I discussed this today, and we have decided to move to Google Nest cameras. I can live with timing out every 4 hours, but not every 10 minutes. I do software development at my home office, and I like being able to keep an eye on everything around the house. I would even be willing to pay an extra monthly fee for the continuous surveillance. Starting next week, I’m removing my Ring cameras and replacing them. By switching to Nest, I can handle both security and surveillance needs. I won’t wait any longer for Ring to change this timeout feature.