Live View prevents doorbell notifications

I have several RING devices (2 x hardwired doorbells, 3 x security lights) all working nicely together with my Amazon Echo devices. Effectively my Echo devices act as doorbell chimes (“Somebody is at the front door”) all round the house. It works great.

I have moved my office to the back of the house and would still like to be able to monitor the front of our property using LIVE VIEW, which I run in a webbrowser on my 2nd PC monitor, looking through the front doorbell.

Again, it works fine… HOWEVER… as soon as you start LIVE VIEW through the Ring Doorbell, notifications are now disabled on that doorbell.

I chatted with your support and they said the rationale is that if LIVE VIEW is active, then the presumption is that you can see somebody is at the door, hence it doesn’t trigger a doorbell push notification. But… what if I don’t spot the movement on my 2nd monitor? Or what if I nip to the kitchen for a coffee, or to the bathroom?! I still want the Amazon Echo Devices to chime “Somebody is at the front door” - but now they’re silent because Live View is running somewhere.

As a workaround, I asked your tech support if I should buy a couple of RING CHIMES to get round this problem, but they said the chimes would also be silent if Live View is active.

This seems like a bit of an oversight! Please could you consider adding an option so we (the users) can decide whether Live View suppresses doorbell notifications?

Many thanks.