Live View on Multiple Cameras

I’ve seen a few other posts in the last few years looking for Live View showing more than one camera at the same time. As yet I’ve not seen any sign that this feature is being considered. Can anyone tell me if it is in the pipeline? I don’t know how complicated it would be to engineer but the idea of being able to show the cameras in a group of some description where they fed the same live view image would be a really great feature I’d like to see

No one on the Dev team is going to reply to you. You’ll just have to wait for any official announcements that Amazon/Ring makes as no one is going to disclose anything prior to that.
The best you can do is in the Feature Request Board find out if there’s already one seeking votes and vote for it. If not, and yours is it, then we’ll have to wait until yours gets a lot more votes before the Dev team even considers a requested feature.


Please add this vote to the official request board for this feature. thanks

You vote by clicking the Vote button (towards the top near the title). Then a tally is maintained of all the votes.