Live view not working

Door ring 3 bell not showing live view on my iPhone ring app. Also not showing battery level. Rebooted the device a few time, still not working and changed the battery to a new one and reset the router. Live view only works on Alexa app or Alexa devices.

You should check if the Live View is on inside the Ring app. Go to dashboard, tap on video settings, and toggle on to Live View. If Live view is enabled already, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app. Hope that helps!

Hi, live view is turned on in the app. Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app still not working. Also updated software on device and app nothing seems to work.

Hi @user59343. You have tried all the troubleshooting steps I would recommend for this type of concern. The next best step is to contact our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.