Live view not working on iPad m1

Live view is not working on my 5th generation ipad 12.9inch M1. Live view works on my iPhone and my older 12.9 ipad, but not on the m1.

The message I get is live view ended. It won’t connect. I can control the ring outdoor camera with lights siren and voice just not live view. Reinstalled app, swapped Wi-Fi. No more ideas. It works fine on other devices just not the m1.

Any ideas ?

Hi @Tonyf. Would you happen to have an active VPN on this iPad? Also, as a test, try connecting the iPad to a mobile hotspot and then viewing the Live View. I would also ensure that you have the latest IOS installed as well as the most recent Ring app version. Let me know how this goes.

I have the same problem. Same iPad models does not allow live view as described. iPhone 12 max works fine. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled RING. This is a bug.

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