Live View Not Working and poor RSSI

Just installed Doorbell 3 Plus. Initially RSSI was mid 60’s and live view was very hit and miss ‘Activating Device’ most of the time. I therefore got a WiFi extender which changed RSSI to 48. Today RSSI back to - 62 and Live View gone back to activating device. WiFi extender is only 1.5m from doorbell. Only UPVC door and part of wall between Bell and extender! Battery level of bell is now in the high 80’s. Bell seems to work OK when someone approaching or ringing the bell. Moved bell into house by wifi extender, RSSI reduced to -31 but live view still activating device. I have followed all your advice so what else can I do?

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Hi @Sammyboy. It sounds like you might have some interference in your wifi signal. The fact that your wifi has been hit or miss leads me to believe this. What you can try is changing the wifi channel that your router is using. This Center Article here has some great tips and tricks for accomplishing this. I hope this helps!

Thanks for your advice but I have tried all your hints and tips on your website without any success. Spoke to your customer service centre today and they were extremely helpful talking me through numerous checks. This included confirming that my wifi connection and strength was in good order. After 1hr 50mins on phone call they decided to send me a replacement Doorbell. Hopefully that will be better.

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Hi @Sammyboy. Good to hear that our support team was able to identify what was going on and get you a proper working device!