Live View Issue ONLY via App and when in 4G


I have a strange problem that boils down to the following:

  • 4G/LTE + Ring App = mostly no live view connection
  • 4G/LTE + Alexa App = mostly connects to live view even when Ring App fails
  • 4G/LTE + Ring .com = always connects to live view
  • Any WiFi + App = always connects to live view
  • Any WiFi + Ring .com = always connects to live view

My 4G/LTE ISP says it’s not their fault.

The Ring Doorbell is in a DMZ / Exposed Host.

iOS, Alexa App, the cameras and the Ring App are the most recent versions. The Ring App has already been un- and reinstalled. That fixed the issue for 3 connects and then the error occured again.

I don’t use a VPN.

Both cameras are connected to WiFi.

I tested it a bit, and it seems that disabling my second sim (e-sim) fixes the issue. Disabling IPv6 as suggested in other threads is no solution for me.

Update: Disabling VoLTE for my second line is currently fixing the issue in a weird way: Now the ring app connects and the alexa app doesn’t. I’m keeping an eye on this.

Update 2: Seems like others have the exact same issue since years! Also, disabling VoLTE helped another user in this thread: Live View not Working with Dual Sim - #22 by user29109 - FIX IT!