Live View For Multiple Devices At Once

Can you tell me why we have a “request board” if the our team doesn´t see and work on solutions?
There are a tons of requests, “voted” by the costumers, and the support team doesn´t work!!!

just one example:
This is a 2018 thread, when It’s the #1 requested issue, and something that you announced in 2018 would be coming soon. If there’s no plan on implementing this feature, can you explain why to the community?


It would be nice if the app could support multiple camera feeds like my $20 tapo one does (and almost every other camera maker).

I have several set up around my farm and it’s painful having to switch > load > view 1 > switch > load view 2 > etc. Let us have 4 or more feeds at once.

And it’s seriously time to sort this silly 10 minute only thing out. What is the actual reason for my hardwired ring camera to only view the live feed for 10 minutes at a time? I appreciate the web view can do it, but why not the app?

I’m literally on the edge of cutting my losses and ditching ring, there are no impressive updates as of late.

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Seems a glaring omission from a camera system. I’m new to the Ring ecosystem (hi all!!!) and have purchased a doorbell 4, 2 x stick ups, a spotlight and a floodlight cam. I’m disappointed i cant monitor live feeds from all simultaneously.
Please implement this feature, as it is a “must have” IMO.

It’s a very simple request. Having an ipad in the kitchen with 4-5 ring live feeds on at once. Why is this so complicated to do?